My Blog, Reborn

This blog has been broken for a while and I've finally gotten around to fixing it. However rather than just reviving the old blog, I thought it was time for a change. Whilst it may look thhe same, under the hood its a total rewrite.

I didn't dislike the previous Wordpress incarnation, althought there were some nasty hacks in that. But viven I've developed Balsa, a fast and lightweight Java web application framework, I figured I should use it for my own stuff.

So, this blog is now being served from a Balsa application, the content is written in Markdown and stored in Git. It only took a day to knock up the application, Balsa has good support for rendering Markdown content.

Creating a post is now as simple as:

  • Firing up Kate (a rather lovely text editor)
  • Attempting to extract my toughts in a coherent manner (the hardest part for me)
  • Finally the git commit; git push origin

Its refreshingly simple to add a post now, just write, commit and push.

I've even put the code behind my blog on GitHub for people who are really interested.