Children Of The Grave

This is a bit of a rehash of a post I originally wrote a 18 months ago, before the revelations of Edward Snowden and the more recent DRIP débâcle.

We've seen time and time again, the power of the Internet in disseminating information, especially during chaotic times, the most recent example being in the Ukraine.

The Internet offers us a utopia where information can be freely shared. Where it can be shared without restriction. Where people can communicate with each other. Where geography does not exist. It is by definition transnational. It offers all of us freedom.

By enabling anyone to communicate, without prejudice, without inference, with anyone else. The Internet represents the single most powerful tool humanity has.

This power, these freedoms. Seem even more significant given the recent events.

The Internet can provide me and you directly with raw information, when it happens, where it happens. No media organisation, what ever there motives can compete with that.

Recent events in the UK has reignited debate over the interception and retention of communications data.

My view remains unchanged, my thoughts have not been swayed. I remain firmly opposed to any capability for Government to snoop on its citizens.

To paraphrase a book I recently read:

This post is not a manifesto. There is no time for that. This is a warning

The book in question: Cypherpunks - Freedom and the future of the Internet. It was a book I found immense satisfaction in reading, and a book I would recommend every Internet user to read.

The Internet is humanities best chance at a transnational utopia. Yet it is a paradox. It is also a transnational surveillance dystopia.

The Internet's offer of free communication also offers total surveillance, leading to totalitarian control by an elite.

Its in encumbered upon every single person whom uses the Internet to: realise and understand their freedom and most importantly defend it.

We must not enable a minority to snoop on our activities, to ultimately control and dominate us. Lets us understand our freedom, lets us embrace it, lets us be defiant.

We must not let our politicians react disproportionally. Existing powers are too wide reaching and invasive, we must fight to get these reduced. But above all we need debate. We cannot let politicians to collude and pass these draconian powers without any consultation or proper consideration.

The title of this post, is a track by Black Sabbath. What does Heavy Metal have to do with politics I hear you ask. Its merely my interpretation of the lyrics, but I feel it embodies my point. Even given it was composed in a different era (has that much really changed), I feel it is still relevant.

"Revolution in their minds - the children start to march 
 Against the world in which they have to live

 Show the world that love is still alive you must be brave 
 Or you children of today are 
 Children of the Grave"