Bergamot Monitoring is an Open Source, distributed monitoring system with an easy migration path from Nagios. I created the probject partly by accident and partly out of a frustration of working with Nagios.

Bergamot Monitoring has a dedicated website should you want to find out more, or give it a try.

The project started after I had wrote a Nagios config parser and thought to myself how much harder could it be to just execute the checks . That turned out to be fairly easy, executing a Nagios check is just forking a process. My frustrations borne out for dealing with Nagios took over, I've detailed some of my gripes which lead me to take Bergamot Monitoring in the direction it is heading.

Whilst the project started off utilising the Nagios config format, this quickly changed, so as to address some of the limitation. However as an easy migration path is considered a critical aspect of the project, it is possible to convert a Nagios configuration to the Bergamot Monitoring format.